CMM Upgrades and Retrofits

DCC Retrofits and Upgrades

Triology can up-grade your CMM with Controls and Nikon Metrology software. Most retrofits will utilize the original drive system and scales saving thousands over a complete rebuild. The system can be installed with minimal downtime. Nikon Metrology software also has the capability of error correction which in most installations would improve the accuracy of the CMM.

Additional card options

We install and set up several additional expansion cards for added CMM capability.

Renishaw Package:

Installation, machine calibration, error mapping and certification.

Machine wiring and connections will be tested or replaced as required.

  • pantech-controller
  • deva-controls
  • nikon-metrology-cmm-manager-software

Manual CMM machine retrofit or upgrade

Triology can upgrade your manual machine with the latest cutting-edge DMIS based software with an easy plug and play interface to the existing scales and probing system. Any machine and configuration can be upgraded to this state-of-the-art software.

We offer different levels of software dependant upon our customers’ requirements. CMM Manager software also has the capability to have error correction which could improve the accuracy of the CMM to better than originally supplied specification.


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